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It’s finally here–Spring. I can watch the snow melt, uncovering many months worth of lost things. A rake. A set of keys. A barbecue. I can smell it. Not fresh, yet. Decomposed leaves, rotting wood, mud. I can hear it–dripping of melting snow, birds busy building nests.

March was the tease month, the one in which the brave birds start venturing out, and serenade the frozen grubs still in the ground. There were still days that the north wind didn’t want to let winter go. More days, though, that the sun beat down and brought the promise of Spring closer. The permafrost layer, deep within the dirt, will increasingly inch upwards, until the entire ground can soak up the melting snow. Leaves will slowly begin to bud, then pop–trees will become alive with colour.

There’s something different in the air, in the moon phases–animals are getting anxious, pets are being…

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